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 Ancient Clay and Powder Buddha Amulets
 Phra KhunPaen Bahn-Krang
 Phra Luang Por Toh Bang Krathing
 Phra Kring Wat Pradu, Ayutthaya
 Phra Kru Wat Rajnadda
 Phra Kru, Small Clay Amulets
 Ancient Bronze and Metal Buddha Amulets
 Modern Amulets (Phra Keji Ar-chan)
 Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang
 Phra Somdej Wat Bangkhunprom
 Phra Somdej Wat Keschaiyo
 Phra Wat Prasart B.E.2506
 Phra Somdej Song Kaiser Wat Arun
 Phra Wat Suthat
 Phra Phong Kradook Pee, Wat Pho
 Phra Nangphaya and Nangkwack
 Phra Khunpaen Palad Thawee, LP.Mui, AC.Num chanted
 Phra Nang Phaya, Archan Thanom B.E.2514
 Phra Rod Wat Phra Singh, Cheingmai B.E.2496
 Phra khong Phra Perm Lumpoon
 Phra Pidta
 Luang Poo Suk, Klong Khom
 LuangPor Luesi Lingdam\'s Amulet
 Luang Poo Toh Wat Praduchimplee
 Luang Por Tae
 Phra Khongkwan Wat Paknam and Wat Phra Dhammakaya
 Luang Phor Parn Amulets
 Luangphor Channarong Apichito
 Chao Khun Nor Amulets of Wat Silkhantaram 2513
 Songka Hospital Amulet B.E.2500
 Archan Chum, Archan Num, KhunPund, KhaoOrr Amulets
 Phra Phong Thepnimir, Archan Chum 2496
 Archan Bao Erng+Archan Chum, Wat Yuan 2497
 Phra Yod Khunpol, Phra Thammarat AC.Chum 2497
 Phra Khunpaen Archan Chum 2497
 LP.Supa, Archan Chum 2506 batch
 Archan Chum, Wat Tham Khao Ngern 2511
 Rien Archan Chum Chaikhiri Medal
 LP.Khong Wat Bahnsuan+Ac.Chum Amulets
 Amulet Talisman of Archan Chum Chaikhiri
 Luang Por Puang Wat Kok
 Luang Por Kuay
 Luangphor Tad Wat Chaina
 LP Put, LP Yongyuth Wat Khao Mai Daeng
 Luang Phor Thuad-Jatukarm Ramthep
 Ganesha Phra Prom Phra Trimurati and Hindu Gods
 Coin and Medallion Amulets
 His Majesty the King (Nailuang) Amulets
 Krueng-Rang Amulets
Other Secondhand item
 Thai Amulet Showcase
 Learn more about Amulets and Historical places
 Phra Khunpaen Prai Mae Pumpuang 2558
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Please ask for Quotation! Thai amulets  ๛๛๛ Welcome to Our Thai Amulet Online Store, we have many Phra Buddha Amulets to see.. , Thank you for your support!!!Phra Somdej , Phra Nang Phaya  Khun Paen and Kumarn etc... any inquiry please e-mail to siriprasert@hotmail.com   Now we're opening our Thai Amulet showcase @Pantip Ngamwongwan, 2nd Floor, Zone Phra krueng(Amulet Zone) # G 48  พระเครื่อง พระเครื่อง บริการให้ เช่าพระ ของเก่า ของสะสม ของมือสอง ของที่ระลึก  เหรียญ รุ่น ต่างๆ ๛๛๛ Medta Amulet  Talisman Amulet 泰国佛护身符 Charm Amulet Asian Amulet Thai Amulet Phra Amulet Thai Amulet Thai Amulet 泰佛牌 Thai Amulet 泰國護身符  Takrut (符通) Katha (佛牌经文)Thai Barang (阴牌)<< รับชมเป็นภาษาไทย กดปุ่มทางซ้ายมือนี้นะครับ<< Now You can view English Version at http://www.thaiamuletcenter.com When you think of Thai amulets, Buddha images, statue, Somdej , Khunpean, Nangphya, Guman, Luesi, takrud, Palad, Maikru..or any type of Thai amulets, logon to www.thaiamuletcenter.com




Please ask for quotation and better check for available item first before made any Payment.

*Please note that Prices shown in this site are in U.S.Dollars , casing and Oversea shipping fee are not including yet. Minimum order US$30.00  (order a statue and or express shipping please ask). 

We sell Real amulet in good price/reasonable price to buy, Many of foreign customers also bought from us to re-sell and can make a good profit.

*** How to made an order *** Thank you for interested. To order, you can use "Request Quote" button. 

You don't need to register, just skip that part, only let us know Name and Item code of Amulet you want, also your address country. 

or you just Email directly to us at siriprasert@hotmail.com , and remember, with every enquiry please provide your information.. When you placing order, please let us know... 1. Your Full name and address, Country 2. Name and Item code item(s) you want 3. Case and Accessory (if need). 4. shipping method via registered air or Express Air 5. method of payment

Here's sample of the Quotation Table.


Amulet price       123.00
Casing if need 3.00USD each*     4.00
shipping Normal Air (Singapore) 10.00USD   10.00
shipping Express (Singapore)    20.00USD    
Pay by Western union, no extra fee    
Total         137.00

*Minimum order: 30.00 USD or 1,000 Thai Baht Minimum shipping Charge Worldwide (Normal Air) starts at 10.00 USD

+Some of merchandise may soldout, please check with us before you made payment.

*Stainless casing price starts at US$4.00 for small size amulet like Paknam, Nangphaya Pim Lek and Phra Rod. Larger size like Somdej, Khunpaen or Phra Kring US$5.00 or higher Carved metal case starts at US$5.00 Clear  TaKrud tube and Clear Plastic dome for Phra Kring US$10.00 Extra Large size, or rare shaped please ask. When you order please specified 1 side or 2 sides case. Waterproof Plastic case also can order starts at US$ 8.00, Statue US$ 12.00 but not recommend for Powder based Amulet, once broke or come out no good, not our responsibility. Additional Charge for Oversea Shipment (Express Mail Service starting price)

Australia and NewZealand US$ 25.00 Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong US$ 20.00 China US$ 24.00 Taiwan R.O.C US$ 24.00 USD Switzerland US$ 35.00 U.K. US$ 40.00 USA US$ 30.00 

*Express mail in Asia 3-4 days to arrival, Normal Air takes 10-15 days. **These rate are for 1-4 small amulets.

+ Order placed longer than 3-5 days without payment or confirmation will let go to other customer.

E-mail Order without payment will put into Blacklist and never reply again.(please don't do that, it wasted both yours and our time).


"Thank You for using our service"

Any further information about ordering, e-mail us at siriprasert@hotmail.com


วีธีการชำระเงิน/แจ้งว่าชำระเงินแล้ว (Confirm payment)
ท่านสามารถดูวิธีการชำระเงินของเว็บไซต์ได้ตามวิธีด้านล่าง และยังสามารถแจ้งว่าท่านได้ชำระเงินให้กับเราแล้วโดยกรอกข้อมูลตามวิธีการที่ท่านได้ชำระเข้ามา รวมถึงช่วงเวลา และหากท่านมีไฟล์สลิปการโอนเงินก็สามารถแนบมาเพื่อยืนยันได้

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 BankAccount NameAccount TypeBranchAccount No.
Bangkok BankBangkok Bank
Siriprasert Sae-TiaSavings AccountPratunam106-4-65503-6
SCB BankSCB Bank
Siriprasert Sae-TiaSavings AccountBig-C Rajdamri159-2-05202-2
Kasikorn BankKasikorn Bank
Siriprasert Sae-TiaSavings AccountRang Nam Road052-2-64458-7
Krungthai BankKrungthai Bank
Siriprasert Sae-TiaSavings AccountPratunam center462-0-03257-3
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BankAccount NameAccount TypeBranchAccount No.
Bangkok BankBangkok Bank
Siriprasert Sae-TiaSavings AccountPratunam106-4-65503-6
SCB BankSCB Bank
Siriprasert Sae-TiaSavings AccountBig-C Rajdamri159-2-05202-2
Kasikorn BankKasikorn Bank
Siriprasert Sae-TiaSavings AccountRang Nam Road052-2-64458-7
Krungthai BankKrungthai Bank
Siriprasert Sae-TiaSavings AccountPratunam center462-0-03257-3
Hot Product/Service
Yant Thao Wessuwan Wat Suthat BE.2550
Phra Buddha Panjaphaki Medal set
Various type of Phra Narai Song Krud Prathab Rahu Amulets
Phra Trimurti, God of Love (New)
Stamp Phra Benjaphaki  2 Yod Khunpol (New)
Various type of Thao Wessuwan, Guberan, Thanabordi, Chai Sing Ear
Luang Phor Koon Medal B.E.2538
Paladkhik Mai Dumdong Luangpoo Kalong B.E.2548
Rien Phra Sivalee Tiny size, Wat Suthat B.E.2553
Price 3.67 USD
Lookoam Phong Plai Kumarn LP.Tim, LP.Pun Wat Mae Ya Chant
Siphueng Mahasanay Maenangfah balm, Archan Chum Chaikhiri B.E.2511
Waen Mongkol Mahaniyom-Mahasanay Ring, Archan Chum B.E.2524
In stock
Phra Nirarokhantarai, Thao Hiranyapanasoon Medal
Ruam Phra Lor Luang Phor Thuad book
Mahawan Soros Mongkol Oil, Archan Chum Chaikhiri
Mahaniyom oil (Mouse And Cat love each other) Archan Chum Chaikhiri
Phong Wan Chang Pasom Kloang, Archan Chum ChaiKhiri
Maeng Moom Dak Sub, Luangpoo Supa 2551BE
Thong Phra Sivalee Mahalarp Flags , Archan Chum Chaikhiri B.E.2511
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